Intelligent Cloud Orchestration
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Xosphere Instance Orchestrator intelligently manages Spot instances giving you the same level of reliability as On-Demand instances at a fraction of the cost.

How to Save

Spot instances offer deep discount compared to On-Demand and can significantly reduce the cost of running your applications.

The challenge is that Spot instances are transient and can be terminated at any moment leaving your application in an unstable state.

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator takes advantage of discounted Spot pricing while still maintaining the same level of reliability as On-Demand without requiring any change to your application.

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator

How it Works

When the Spot market price is low, Instance Orchestrator will replace your On-Demand instances with equivalent Spot instances for a fraction of the cost.

Low Spot Price

When the Spot market price increases, Instance Orchestrator will revert the Spot instances back to the original On-Demand or Reserved Instance, and then switch back to Spot instances when pricing decreases again.

High Spot Price

Automatic Reliability

Instance Orchestrator will automatically diversify your Spot instances across a variety of instance families, sizes, and availability zones to ensure that a sudden spike in the Spot price does not impact your service availability.

Instance Orchestrator will only select instance types and sizes that are appropriate for your application ensuring you always have the compute power your application requires.

Diversify Spot Instances


Save up to 80% with no downtime

Quick and easy

Install takes less than 10 minutes. One-click deployments available with CloudFormation or Terraform.

Requires no change to your application

As long as your application allows multiple instances to be running at the same time, Xosphere Instance Orchestrator can manage it.

Safe and secure

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator is hosted in your AWS account and does not require any third-party access to your account.

Seamless integration

with Kubernetes, Auto Scaling Groups, Beanstalk, and ECS.

Save money guarantee

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator is guaranteed to save you money or we will refund you 100% of your service fees.

Simple pricing model

Just $20 per node per month. Typical ROI is only 7 days!

Free Trial

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